Infection Control

Soluscope Endoscopic Disinfection

Soluscope 4

Thanks to its unique, patented dual-wash technique, the fast and automatic endoscope reprocessor offers a complete reprocessing cycle in just 16 minutes.

The Series 4 offers the best cutting-edge technology to provide safety for operators, patients and endoscopes.

Soluscope 1

High-level technology in a refined and compact design. The entirely automated Series 1 is easy to use, has a touch screen, and provides the best of reliability and security.

Compliant with ISO-15883 standard, you benefit from 20 years of Soluscope extensive experience in endoscope reprocessing.

Endoscopic Storage, Transport and Tracking

Endoscopic Storage


A drying and storage cabinet that holds up to eight endoscopes and maintains their microbiological quality for 7 days.

Each endoscope is stored in an individual tray with a lid to guarantee its protection against shocks and contaminations when handling. Thanks to two simultaneous air flows through each channel and outside the endoscope, it is completely dried.

Endoscopic Transport

Soluscope Trolley

The Soluscope Trolley and Rack solution is designed for optimal endoscope use between examination and reprocessing rooms.

It is compact and adapted for small spaces, while receiving up to four endoscopes. It includes three accessories that can be used according to your needs. Handy and easy to use, the trolley features an original and modern design.


Soluscope IT

Soluscope IT connects to your Soluscope reprocessing equipment to provide instant visibility of your stored endoscopes. The collected data are automatically stored and can be instantly consulted for secure tracking of your equpment.

Ergonomic and easy to use, the IT Soluscope interface provides quick access to essential information and can remotely access your equipment.