In this crisis, in this historic moment, our purpose is clear. Our mission—any patient, anywhere, anytime—is more urgent than ever. We’re in the middle of a global pandemic never before seen in modern medical times. Our front line healthcare workers need us now more than ever.

Point-of-care ultrasound is saving lives in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. As you know, COVID-19 is a respiratory virus that causes significant damage to the lungs. Our technology has proven to be extremely valuable in the assessment and monitoring of COVID-19 patients, providing physicians with urgently-needed information on how they should best treat their patients.

Sonosite was created through a DARPA grant to meet the needs of combat medics in the battlefield. Make no mistake, we are at war now. Our solid and reliable partners, the hospitals and clinicians we serve, are coming to us in their hour of greatest need. We are answering that call.

Sonosite has taken extraordinary measures to ensure our front line healthcare workers have ready access to our ultrasound technology, which is critical in helping them manage the pandemic. We have risen to this global challenge and mobilized as a company, just as the hospitals and healthcare workers have risen to this challenge and mobilized. It is an honor and a privilege that we are contributing to this war effort.

This month’s newsletter is dedicated to the fight against COVID-19. In this newsletter, you’ll learn about our special COVID-19 resource page, created to empower ultrasound users in the front lines of the pandemic. This page features interviews with doctors in Italy and New York discussing their best practices, along with video tutorials on scans most commonly used by clinicians treating COVID-19 patients. Additional COVID-19 updates can also be found here on Fujifilm Central:

Sonosite is a purpose-driven organization. This global emergency is what our company was built for. As a member of the Sonosite family, you should be proud to be part of the effort to defeat COVID-19. It is in the time of crisis that our character is defined. When we finally emerge from this global threat, know that you and your company did its part.

Thank you, and stay healthy,

Diku Mandavia, M.D.
Fujifilm Sonosite Chief Medical Officer